Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon


The reviews are in and the Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon was a big success!

The student actors and crew members did an amazing job in the spring show. I was very proud of the growth I saw in each one of them. Getting to work with students outside of the classroom is always a great opportunity and one of my favorite parts of working with drama.

-Matt Montney, Teacher and Director

We enjoyed watching the students step out of their comfort zones and are proud of their overall growth from beginning to end.

-Brittaney Cover, Teacher and Director

The Brothers Grim Spectaculation was a great way to end my Lutheran Westland drama experience. I played Snow White and the Actor— which was by far the most challenging and terrifying role I’ve ever had. It was such an intimidating role that I asked the directors if I could give it up, but they kept pushing me to do it and told me it would pay off in the end. Even though I was well aware that drama roles always feel rewarding when you’ve completed them, I still had a lot of doubts. I ended up doing the role and it payed off in more ways than I could’ve ever imagine, but not for the obvious reasons. It’s nice when people compliment your acting, but the ultimate compliment was the underclassmen telling the seniors they really look up to us and hope one day to do amazing roles like ours. I even had a freshman tell me he did sports this year, but after watching that play he decided he wants to do drama! THAT is an accomplishment! I loved this play because we all came together as a cast and put on a great production, but also made some great friendships along the way. This year’s cast has been the best I’ve ever been a part of and for sure is what I’m going to miss the most next year. Drama at LHWL is an irreplaceable experience and I’m so blessed to have gotten to take part in it.

-Jenna Wyly, Senior


Tish Love