Semi-Annual Craft Show


Our biggest semi-annual event is the much-loved Craft fair! A large-scale event each Spring and Winter, the Craft Fair brings together over 100 crafters and 3,000 attendees to raise money for Lutheran Westland's music, drama and sports programs. Over $30,000 is brought in each year through booth fees, door receipts, bake sale and flower proceeds.

Crafters are selected by a jury process, with only the highest quality hand-crafted items admitted. No commercial or manufactured items are allowed.

This long-standing tradition has been a part of Lutheran Westland for over 30 years and we have a loyal following of crafters and shoppers.  Well established in the community and strongly supported by our local churches, our "Winter Wonderland" is a 2-day show in December, and "Spring Celebration" is held for one day in March.

Lutheran Westland and other local schools are on hand to showcase their musical talent, and attendees are delighted by their sweet voices and cheerful music.  

We also offer a delicious variety of lunch options, with the Maurice salad drawing its own crowd.

Contact us at  today to get involved or get more information!




We are blessed with over 150 volunteers for our craft shows ranging from staff, parents and students.  Students help in many ways including:  unloading and loading crafter vehicles, lunch orders, kitchen, parking, bake and flower sales.  It is the student help that distinguishes our show from any others. Crafters LOVE our student helpers and many return year after year because of the tremendous support our students provide.  


Thank you for inquiring about our craft show.  Please download our application and submit according to the instructions.  We do fill up quickly for our shows and we strongly encourage you to complete your application and submit as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our show, the application, the jury process, logistics about our show or anything else, we ask that you contact our jury committee via email at or call the school office at 734-422-2090 to leave a message.