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Lutheran Westland boasts an active, enjoyable theatre department, open to all students regardless of their experience or interests. Share your talent and passion on stage, or behind the scenes doing set design, lighting, hair or makeup. Students can earn membership in the International Thespian Society through their participation in the program. They also have the opportunity to serve their community through the Hunger Heroes School Challenge. There is something for everyone here, and a system of camaraderie and support that underlies and upholds it all - we're more than just an after-school activity. We are a family.

Hunger Heroes School Challenge Along with TOTS-EAT we are also participating in the Hunger Heroes Challenge.
International Thespian Society
Macbeth Montage Recap

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high school students with selection for membership based upon four criteria: scholarship (academic achievement), leadership, service, and character. Service is required to the community, school, or other organizations. Juniors may submit an application by mid-April, and must have a 5-semester, cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. 

1.  APPLICATION FORMS: Students are to use the electronic version of the application available in WORD format from the links below. Students fill in the tables (TYPED) and print the completed forms.  (Students may wish to save some of these files for use with college applications and scholarships.)

2.  DEADLINE Student returns all required forms to the Main Office by Thursday, April 12 @ 3:10 pm.


A faculty committee reviews the application forms - A majority vote is needed to be admitted

The faculty committee looks for students who meet or exceed the high character standards listed. It is possible that a student with average scores may not be admitted

Students who are denied admission are informed of their low scoring areas. They may work to improve those areas and may reapply senior year

Students may be removed from NHS if character or GPA standards are not maintained

4.  DECISION All applicants will be informed of the results on April 24.

NHS Category Descriptions
NHS Candidate Application Checklist Cover Letter 2019
NHS Candidate Application Form 2019
NHS Candidate Leadership Essay Form 2019
NHS Candidate Character Recommendation Form 2019

Student Council

President:  Kailey Carner

Vice President: Riley Day

Secretary: Sam Goehmann

Treasurer: Devon Nimer

Senior Class representatives

Nate Schaffer
Marley Long
Ruthie Seltz
Susan Goehmann

Junior Class representatives

Hannah Brown
Maddie Andrews
Emlie Fremder

Sophomore Class representatives

Aysia Lansu
Sydney Day
Abby Lupescu

Freshman Class representatives