Poms Inaugural Season!


For the first time in Lutheran Westland history, a dedicated Poms team brought our Warrior Spirit to many athletic games (December 13th through February 11th).

However, getting a Pompon team started has been in the works for a few years. In 2016, Jeaneen Wyly wrote a proposal to start a team. The following year, three students (Kailey Carner, Jenna Wyly, and Alyssa Griglio) presented a PowerPoint to the school administration asking to have a Pompon team. Their main reasons were to:

  1. Provide a fun activity for girls who aren’t competitive but enjoy performances.

  2. To have an activity that doesn’t involve tumbling or stunting.

  3. To build school spirit at games.

Once they got the team approved, the girls got to work picking music and choreographing their first performance. For the first routine, mother-daughter duo Jeaneen and Jenna did much of the choreographing with some help from Jackie Boni to finalize and clean up the moves. As the season progressed, Hollyann Moody and Shelby Woods also stepped up to help with choreography.

It has been great to see how far the girls have come during this inaugural season! None of them had done poms before, so they had to learn everything--each position, how to hold the poms so they always faced out, etc. They put in a lot of time! My favorite moment was the group hug in the lobby after the very first performance, that feeling of "we did this!" (and watching the video on repeat).

It was great to see something that three of the senior girls have been wanting to do for three years come to fruition this year. We're absolutely hoping to grow and to make this a full-blown sport next year. I, personally, also enjoyed the opportunity to get to know and work with Jackie Boni. It's thanks to her that the routines looked so sharp!

-Coach Jeaneen Wyly

It was a season full of enthusiasm, and the added Warrior Spirit was enjoyed by many - great work, ladies!

Go Warriors!