March for Life!


Favorite Part

  • Getting to see all the different religions and even the non-religious coming together and agreeing on a topic.

  • Seeing the monuments for the first time and being able to march on Constitution Street to stand against abortion.

  • Spending time with friends and getting to know other views on abortion.

  • Getting closer with different people and seeing new things. Overall great experience!

Monument & Capital Tours

  • The monuments were really beautiful at night! They reminded me of the Pantheon and the Parthenon.

  • The night tour was amazing! Since it was my first time in D.C. it was my first time seeing everything.

  • I loved seeing the inside of the dome of the capital. I had no idea it was painted like that!

  • It was cool to see the monuments at night instead of the day. The capitol was awesome to see all the artwork and statues and such.

  • The monuments at night were so cool even though it was frigid. The tours were interesting; some of the architecture was different than I thought it would be.

The Rally, The March, & Clean-Up

  • It was cool seeing so many young people at the march trying to change something so big. Some were even younger than us!

  • I was so surprised by the large number of people there and the stories the women shared on the steps of the Supreme Court.

  • I liked marching with the group form the LCMS for the majority of the march.

  • I like all the guys singing songs during the march.

  • I loved the rally and the march. The rally was really exciting, especially when Mike Pence came and spoke. It was a long march, but well worth it.

  • The march was long but it was amazing to see all the people. The rally was cool to be a part of. Clean-up made me really proud to be part of our group.

Youth Rally & Expo

  • I really like the guy who said he was a pro-life grandpa. His statement that being pregnant isn’t a sin really hit me. I also like the scientific info about embryology.

  • It was awesome hearing from the pregnant lady!

  • I like hearing everyone’s stories and experiences and seeing how it affected them.

  • I like hearing the band and hearing all the peoples stories.

  • I thought hearing all the stories was really cool and I like the variety.

  • It was cool to be able to hear everyone’s stories and all of the other pro-life things.

  • The speakers were very motivational, especially the actor and the young pregnant lady. They were very kind and enthusiastic.

  • It was interesting to hear all the pro-life stories given by the speakers.

Movie- Unplanned

  • An amazing movie. Really opened my eyes to what Planned Parenthood does to its clients and how people can make stands about abortions. I liked learning how some women listen to the people praying for them to make a different choice. It was a great movie and we should all see it.

  • It was so moving! People really need to see this; pro-life or pro-choice. It does a great job of one, showing the horrors of abortion, two, showing the love and forgiveness of God, and three, not exaggerating the reality of the pain from abortion - both physical and emotional.

  • It was really eye-opening to hear the story of someone who had at first been pro-choice and had worked at planned parenthood. She saw what happened during an abortion and changed her mind and became pro-life. She went to the Planned Parenthood place and tried to convince the people there that there were other options.

Holocaust Museum

  • I never thought about all of the hair from their shaved heads. Somehow, the fact that it was used all over the world in mattresses and for other things just really hit me. Plus, that mush shows that people knew. Also, I like the section on what America knew when (and the discussion we had about immigration).

  • It was really eye-opening seeing all the shoes, some women were even in high heels!

  • I’ve been to the museum in Farmington Hills and I was expecting similar stuff. It was really different and it was cool to see all the different exhibits.

  • I had never seen anything like it, especially the sad events that were depicted in the different places to visit.

  • Walking through the museum really opened my eyes to the horrors of the Holocaust. I really liked looking at all the artifacts that were there.

  • Very moving and opened my eyes to what Americans did in that war; how involved we were and what other countries did.

  • I liked seeing Daniel’s story and witnessing the horror that happened during this time.

Hannah Wenzelburger