Welcome to Lutheran Westland, Mrs. Wenzelburger


We welcome Mrs. Hannah Wenzelburger to Lutheran Westland. Mrs. Wenzelburger will be working in Admissions at Lutheran Westland and in marketing for the Lutheran High School Association. 

Hannah attended Concordia University Wisconsin and majored in Psychology with a minor in Graphic Design. She then went to Concordia University Ann Arbor and mastered in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education.

Hannah has worked as a Student Billing Representative, Veteran's Affairs Certifying Official, Admission and Enrollment Data Analyst, and now Admission Director for Westland and Marketing Associate for the LHSA. 

Hannah loves working for Christ and furthering His kingdom. With a strong foundation, she believes our students will be able to go out and influence the world and make it a better place.

For fun, Hannah loves being outdoors, taking a walk, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, gardening, etc. She is an avid reader and loves a good craft or two.

Her husband is a Biology teacher at Lutheran North and they love their little community in Harrison Township.

Hannah Wenzelburger