NHS Semi Truck Loading


This morning our Lutheran Westland NHS student got to help load 2 semi trucks for Lutheran World Relief. Boxes came from all over southeastern Michigan to be loaded up by our Warriors. The boxes were filled with quilts (often hand-made), new unwrapped bars of soap, fabric kits, baby care kits, personal care kits, and school kits. The kids had to unload boxes from 2 large moving trucks and multiple cars and SUVs packed to the brim. Once reloaded into the semi trucks, it was a game of Tetris to make sure we could pack in as many boxes as possible!

These two semis will be headed to the Lutheran World Relief warehouses in Baltimore and Minnesota. At the warehouses, the semis will be unpacked and the boxes will be opened. The items will then be repackaged to make everything waterproof! They will shrink wrap and vacuum pack the items and then ship them across the world. Some of the items will be sent to areas of the United States where catastrophic events have occurred.

If you would like more information on Lutheran World Relief or would like to find out other ways to give, you can visit their website at lwr.org

Hannah Wenzelburger