Channel 7 Football Spotlight!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

The buzz is in the air as we are underway for HOMECOMING!!!! This week is a week full of spirit and fun as we dance through the decades!!

To add on to the excitement, several local news channels have picked up our homecoming game this week and we will be spotlighted on their news channel. We have been selected as one of the potential WXYZ Leo’s Coney Island game of the week. We need you to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! You can follow this link and have the opportunity to vote for our school to win the Leo’s Coney Island game of the week Vote as much as you can!

But wait there is more!

We have also been selected by Fox Sports Detroit, to be filmed and have highlights of our homecoming game aired on Sunday, October 7th at 9 a.m.-Fox Sports Detroit.

This is an exciting week with exciting opportunities for our students and school. Come and show your support for our boys soccer team on Thursday and boys football this Friday!

Justin Brown