Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.”
Psalm 105:2


Mission Statement

The Lutheran Westland music department is committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skill, understanding, and attitude to use the God-given gift of music to serve and give Him glory.

Department Philosophy

  • Man has a basic need for self-expression in his relationship with himself, other people, and his total environment. Music represents one means of fulfilling this need. Futhermore, man’s ability to compose and make music represents a cherished gift of God, which in turn should be used to praise and glorify Him.

  • The ability to perform, to sing or to play a musical instrument, is an invaluable experience for high school students. It enhances feelings of self-worth and decelops a sense of belonging and contributing toward corporate goals.

  • The appreciation of Music, both clssical and contemporary, definitely contributes to a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

Department objectives

Knowledge/Strant I - Create
Exhibit a knowledge and understand of the foundations of music relative to its elements, its media, its forms and styles, its history and evolving nature, its cultural role, and its sociological and theological implications. Be able to exhibit theoretical and technical knowledge of music.

Skills/Strand II - Peform
Be able to intterpret musical notation and possess the skill to participate in vocal and instrumental music making, both in school and as a vocational activity in their adult lives.

Attitude/Strand III - Respond
To develop artistic senseitivity, given aestetic musical experiences, thus deriving meaning and pleasure from music as a whole. Display an attitude of open-mindedness, respect, resourcefulness, and critical listening in the areas of music. Express a recognition of worth for the aesthetic aspects of life as a valuable gift of God to man.


Concert Choir - Course

The Lutheran Westland Concert Choir is the department’s entry-level vocal ensemble geared towards furthering student appreciation for the use of the human voice, understanding of the elements of music, and student involvement in interacting with each other in service to our Savior. Concert Choir is primarily responsible for providing music for school chapel and concerts.


Honors Choir - Course

The Lutheran Westland Honors’ Choir is the department’s advanced-level vocal ensemble geared towards increasing student skill with the use of the human voice, furthering student understnding of the music throuh more advanced listening, compoosition, and theory exercises, and promoting student fellowship and faith through worship participation and tour. Honor’ Choir is the school’s main touring group and is responsible for providing usic for school chapel, neighboring churches, festivals, and concerts.

chamber singers zion detroit.jpg

Chamber Singers - Co-curricular

A group of selected 16-20 singers, the Chamber Singers represent Lutheran Westland’s finest vocal performance group. Students are encouraged to incorporate advanced technique into their performance including precise tuning, polished interpretation, clear balance, and other elements.



**means performance

September 24: **St. Michael’s Conference @ Zion Detroit - Chamber Singers

October 1: MSBOA/MSVMA Participation forms due - All

October 5: **Homecoming Football Game (5:30 parade, 7 pm game) - Chamber Singers & Pep Band

October 14: **Westland Sunday at St. John’s Waltz @ 11 - Honors Choir

October 15: **Lutheran Women’s Tea at Christ Our Savior - Chamber Singers

Nov 30-Dec 1: Craft Show (performance time TBA) - ALL

December 2: **Advent by Candlelight at St. Michael, Wayne @ 3 pm - Chamber Singers

December 7: **Christmas Concert @ 7pm - ALL

December 12: **Special Guests at Guardian Christmas Concert - Chamber Singers

December 19: Deadline: MSVMA Solo & Enesemble Registration

January 27: **Westland Sunday at TBA - Honors Choir

February 2: MSVMA District Solo and Ensemble (EMU) - Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Honors Choir

February 3: **Westland Sunday at Shepherd of the Lakes @ 8:30 - Honors Choir

March 3: **Joint LHSA Concert at CUAA - ALL

March 14-17: **Choir Tour - Honors Choir+

TBA: **Welcome Home Concert - Honors Choir+

April 15: Westland Sunday at TBA - Chamber Singers

April 26-27: MSVMA State Solor & Ensemble (Brighton H.S.) - Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Honors Choir

May 22: **Spring Concert @ 7pm - ALL

June 7: **Graduation @ 7 pm - Honors Choir